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There are two mailing lists for m5 hosted on

  • gem5-dev (subscribe) - Discussions of gem5 development. Bug reports should be sent here. This list receives emails from Gerrit reviews and cron test results.
  • gem5-users (subscribe) - General discussion about gem5 and its use.
  • gem5-announce (subscribe) - Announcements related to gem5.

To subscribe or view the archives click on the links above.

Additional (and much more easily searchable) archives are hosted by:

List Gmane The Mail Archive
gem5-announce here here
gem5-users here here
gem5-dev here here
m5-dev here here

Before posting a problem to the mailing list please read Reporting Problems and follow the guidelines listed. Doing so will get your question answered far faster and more precisely.

Alternative communication channels

The following alternative support communication channels also exist, although they are less canonical not as actively monitored by the developers currently.

If you don't get an answer in those channels quickly, make sure to also send the full text of your post to the correct mailing list with an additional link to the original post.