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Second gem5 User Workshop
June 2015; Portland, OR

Following up from a successful 2012 workshop, it is time for the 2015 edition of the gem5 user workshop. The primary objective of this workshop is to bring together groups across the community who are actively using gem5. Discussion topics will include the activity of the gem5 community, how we can best leverage each others contributions, and how we continue to make gem5 a successful, community-supported simulation framework. Those who will get the most out of the workshop are current users of gem5, although anyone is welcome to attend.

The key part of the workshop is a set of presentations from the community about how individuals or groups are using the simulator, any features you have added that might be useful to others, and any major pain points, and what can be done to make gem5 better and more broadly adopted. The hope is that this will provide a forum for people with similar uses or needs to connect with each other. If you would like to give a short presentation (~15 minutes) please send a short (few paragraphs) abstract to workshop2015 <at> by March 31st, 2015.

Additionally, we plan to dedicate one hour of the workshop for gem5 developers to address particular issues or questions in depth. If you would like to suggest a topic for one of these in-depth presentations please email workshop2015 <at> (also by March 31st).

Tentative program

  • Introduction [15 minutes]
  • Overview of key changes and additions [30 minutes]
  • Solicited presentations (~2 in-depth presentations) [1 hour]
  • User Perspectives (~12 short presentations) [3 hours]
  • Break-out sessions on progressing identified pain points [1.5 hours]
  • Wrap-up and next steps [45 minutes]


The workshop is co-located with ISCA-42 in Portland, OR.


Sunday, June 14th Time TBD