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! width="250"|Topic !! width="50"|Time !! width="100"|Presenter !! width="30"|Affiliation
! width="250"|Topic !! width="50"|Time !! width="100"|Presenter !! width="30"|Affiliation
| Introduction || style="text-align:right"|9:00 AM || TBD || TBD
| Introduction Overview of Changes || style="text-align:right"|9:00 AM || Steve Reinhardt || AMD
| colspan="4" align="center" style="background:lightgreen" | Recent Contributions
| Overview of Changes || style="text-align:right"|9:15 AM || TBD || TBD
| Classic Memory System Re-visited || style="text-align:right"|9:30 AM || Andreas Hansson || ARM
| Classic Memory System Re-visited || style="text-align:right"|9:30 AM || Andreas Hansson || ARM
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| colspan="4" align="center" |
| colspan="4" align="center" |
| Conclusions || style="text-align:right"|5:30 PM || TBD || TBD
| Conclusions || style="text-align:right"|5:30 PM || Ali Saidi || ARM

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Second gem5 User Workshop
June 14th, 2015; Portland, OR

Following up from a successful 2012 workshop, it is time for the 2015 edition of the gem5 user workshop. The primary objective of this workshop is to bring together groups across the community who are actively using gem5. Discussion topics will include the activity of the gem5 community, how we can best leverage each others contributions, and how we continue to make gem5 a successful, community-supported simulation framework. Those who will get the most out of the workshop are current users of gem5, although anyone is welcome to attend.

The key part of the workshop is a set of presentations from the community about how individuals or groups are using the simulator, any features you have added that might be useful to others, and any major pain points, and what can be done to make gem5 better and more broadly adopted. The hope is that this will provide a forum for people with similar uses or needs to connect with each other.

Tentative Program

Topic Time Presenter Affiliation
Introduction & Overview of Changes 9:00 AM Steve Reinhardt AMD
Classic Memory System Re-visited 9:30 AM Andreas Hansson ARM
User Perspectives
AMD's gem5 APU Simulator 10:00 AM Brad Beckmann AMD
NoMali: Understanding the Impact of Software Rendering Using a Stub GPU 10:15 AM Andreas Sandberg ARM
Cycle-Accurate STT-MRAM model in gem5 10:30 AM Cong Ma University of Minnesota
An Accurate and Detailed Prefetching Simulation Framework for gem5 10:45 AM Martí Torrents Lapuerta Polytechnic University of Catalonia
Break 11:00 AM
Supporting Native PThreads in SE Mode 11:30 AM Brandon Potter AMD
Dynamically Linked Executables in SE Mode 11:45 AM Brandon Potter AMD
Coupling gem5 with SystemC TLM 2.0 Virtual Platforms 12:00 PM Matthias Jung University of Kaiserslautern
SST/gem5 Integration 12:15 PM Simon D. Hammond Sandia
Lunch 12:30 PM
Full-System Simulation at Near Native Speed 1:30 PM Trevor Carlson Uppsala University
Enabling x86 KVM-Based CPU Model in Syscall Emulation Mode 1:45 PM Alexandru Dutu AMD
Parallel gem5 Simulation of Many-Core Systems with Software-Progammable Memories 2:00 PM Bryan Donyanavard UC Irvine
Infrastructure for AVF Modeling 2:15 PM Mark Wilkening AMD
gem5-Aladdin Integration for Heterogeneous SoC Modeling 2:30 PM Y. Sophia Shao Harvard University
Experiences Implementing Tinuso in gem5 2:45 PM Maxwell Walter Technical University of Denmark
Experiences with gem5 3:00 PM Miquel Moretó Planas BSC/UPC
Little Shop of gem5 Horrors 3:15pm Jason Power University of Wisconsin
Break 3:30 PM
Breakout Sessions
Breakout Sessions 4:00 PM Breakout Groups
Wrap-Up 5:00 PM Everyone
Conclusions 5:30 PM Ali Saidi ARM